Canada is the first country to withdraw from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

With concerns over the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, Canada has announced that it will not send athletes to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics if this sports festival is not postponed.

In recent days, many countries around the world have been arguing over whether to continue to host the 2020 Olympic Games. The host side of Japan has constantly defended its view of not delaying the games, while the athletes as well as the The Olympic Committee of other countries called for the opening of the Games.

Under this pressure, on March 22, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) set a deadline of four weeks to decide the fate of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. After that, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe admitted that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics could be postponed. This is Abe’s first time making such a statement about the Olympics.

By noon 23-3, a country has announced its withdrawal from the 2020 Olympic Games. This is the case of Canada, with the reason “to protect the health of athletes from the situation of COVID-19”.

The announcement from Canada stated that this was “a difficult decision”. In addition, Canada will not send athletes to the Paralympic Games. Disabled sports games will take place after the 2020 Olympic Games.

Canada also called on stakeholders to consider delaying the 2020 Olympics by one year. This move is similar to the decision to move Euro 2020 finals to 2021.

The Canadian withdrawal could be seen as an important turning point for the fate of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. It could create a “domino effect” that led many other countries to withdraw and for the first time there was information that Australia was planning a similar plan.

After Canada and Australia, Britain announced the same decision

Following Australia and Canada, the British sports team will not attend the 2020 Olympics this summer due to Covid-19 fears. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) will likely postpone the 2020 Olympics.

On March 22, the IOC issued a four-week deadline to decide on the 2020 Olympic Games. That has caused a backlash from athletes when they don’t want to risk their health.