Big News From Idea Market

Idea Market + Yellow Pencil

Idea Market is very excited to announce that as of November 1, 2011, we are merging with/being acquired by a company called Yellow Pencil Inc.

What does this actually mean?

Not that much, really. Both Graeme and Carson are staying on, doing pretty much the same jobs they did before. The office in Red Deer stays right where it is - we’ll just throw up a new sign and maybe do a bit of painting. The phone number stays the same and our email addresses will just forward to our new ones. The main difference will just be the name on the door.

Sound good so far? Trust us - it is.

You see, being a part of the Yellow Pencil team has a lot of benefits. They’re a well-established, full-service web agency that brings a broad range of resources to the table. This means we can very confidently offer you new services like content strategy, social media, analytics, mobile development, accessibility, etc. They also have a ton of experience that we can tap into. After all, their client list includes the Government of Alberta, the City of Edmonton, the City of Surrey, the City of Vancouver, Investors Group, Alberta Health Services, Wharton School of Management, SaskPower, Athabasca University, Pizza 73 and more.

If you have any questions, feel free to email or call.


You can learn more about Yellow Pencil at

#205, 4926 Ross Street
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
T4N 1X7
Phone: 1.403.872.3110
Carson: [email protected]
Graeme: [email protected]